Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 2, December 2010 
Evaluation of cytogenetic effects on bovine peripheral lymphocytes after the treatment with tebuconazole

Pages 1-4

Šiviková Katarína; Dianovský Ján; Holečková Beáta; Galdíková Martina; Mesarč Martin

Identification of chromosomes and aberrations after exposure to pesticide in bovine lymphocytes

Pages 5-9

Galdíková Martina; Šiviková Katarína; Holečková Beáta; Dianovský Ján; Mesarč Martin

Multi-residue determination of pesticides in the meat of cattle in Faisalabad-Pakistan

Pages 19-28

Muhammad F.; Akhtar M.; Rahman Z. U.; Farooq H. U.; Khaliq T.; Anwar M. I.

Insecticidal activity of Four Volatile Oils on Two Museum Insects Pests

Pages 57-66

F. A.Bakr Reda; Hoda M. Abdel Fattah; Nabila M . Salim; Nagwa H. Atiya